Answering to the market need for insightful knowledge related to the natural & plant-based ingredient sector

The natural ingredient market is gaining momentum along with clean label, food safety, sustainability and other topics related to the food & beverage, health & wellness sectors. The market witnesses a growth of +62% in products with plant-based claims (Innova, 2003-3017) as consumers develop a growing interest in health, sustainability and ethics. Moreover, herbal supplement sales in the United States experienced record growth in 2018, increasing by an estimated 9.4% from 2017, according to the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ). Consequently, the entire market is looking at the natural ingredient business. 

As a matter of fact, the natural space is booming, and different players are looking for insights and expertise to understand how to capture opportunities and address issues arising alongside the growth of the market. 

The market is in need of a platform where knowledge, insights and expertise surrounding the natural ingredient space can be shared. is a platform where readers can learn directly from experts involved across every stage of the natural ingredient value chain.

What makes us different? Articles published on the blog are written by professionals in this field with unfiltered voices and experiences.

What is the best thing about this blog? Readers can discover key insights related to each stage of the entire value chain of a natural ingredient business: raw material sourcing and supply, ingredient innovation and design, regulatory framework, sustainability and HSE, strategy & marketing, scientific communication, pricing and business development.

by Elizabeth BUI, Initiator of the blog